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We offer a service facility for all types and makes of shutters

Long or short time service contract are available

Shutter Maintenance (Northern) clients benefit from the very highest standards of construction and installation, as evidenced by our accreditation to ISO- the ultimate benchmark for quality.

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The importance of standards have been given added impetus by the introduction of The Doors and Gates (Regulation 18) 1993. These stipulate that all industrial doors and shutters SHALL BE the subject of an appropriate maintenance programme. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN PROSECUTION IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT. Details and quotations for maintenabce of doors available on request.

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Barrel - For openings uto 5metres wide :

  • Constructed from 127mm outside diameter x 120mm inside diameter steel tube woith helicoil counter balance springs, mounted on 25mm steel shaft, with mild steel bearing blocks at each end.
  • Incorporating high speed bearings. For 5 meters and over 139mm O/D x 126mm I/D steel tube.
  • Finish - One coat of red oxide paint.


Flags and Guides :

  • Flags fabricated from 70 x 50 x 6mm RSA complete with 350 x 350 x 6mm endplates (larger endplates to suit height) and supported on mild steel cup to support t he barrel. Guide fabricated from rolled 'U' section 63 x 25 x 3mm or alternatively a rolled windguide section on doors over 4500mm wide. The guide is secured to the angle by countersunk set screws, nuts and washers.

Curtain :

  • Constructed from 75mm wide curved section, interlocking galvanised steel laths. Finished with a 'T' section bottom rail.


Curtain (Brickbond) :

  • 230 x 75 centres. Brickbond pattern, constructed from steel rods, vertical links and tublar sections.


Drive :

  • Manual: This is achieved through haul chain acting through an 8" cast iron wheel driving straight cut steel gears (ratio4:1) which are produced with a double reduction gear when the door size is above 12.5m square.
  • Electric: This is achieved by means of 1/2 H.P. up to 2 H.P. geared motor complete with rotary limits and emergency hand mechanism. Three push button control as standard.


Electrical Supply :

  • 240 volt 1 phase
  • 415 volt 3 phase

Optional Extras :

  • Plastisol covered laths.
  • Powder coated laths.
  • Wicket gate for manual or electrical shutters.
  • Hoods.
  • Bottom draught strip.
  • Heavy duty weather seal.


Electrical optional Extras :

  • Safety edge to bottom rail.
  • Key switch. Photo cells.
  • Special voltages



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